We operate with the most hitechnology machine park, so EGGS achives the highest quality parameters of its products. Modern solutions provide a wide spectrum of what makes us flexible towards the requirements of the customer, such as the wide volume and accurate duration of contracts completion.

Liquid products

  • Adoption of the raw material by the unloading airlock. Verification of the raw material. 
  • The process of punching (we have two punching machines, one of which is operated by the robot).
  • Separation. Filtering.
  • Pasteurization. Homogenization.
  • Full automation of the entire production process.
  • Packaging liquid content of eggs.

Powdered products

  • In case of egg yolks and the entire content of eggs the process of drying is carried out right after pasteurization. In case of an albumen- drying is preceded by a fermentation process.
  • Albumen fermentation. 
  • Ultrafiltration - initial reduction of water in the albumen.
  • Drying room. 
  • Hot rooms.